[Bug 7643] Supreme Commander crashes during play

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Sun Mar 11 12:23:18 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From ehoover at mines.edu  2007-11-03 12:23 -------
In reply to Comment #5:
I think you're running into a different problem then I am.  I believe I've made
some progress in figuring this out though.  First, it appears that if I play a
campaign and don't build anything then the game doesn't crash (the demo campaign
level starts out with no enemy, so this makes things more predictable).  Second,
I get a page fault (not a stack overflow).  I've spent some time tracking this
down and I believe I've found where the memory is allocated that is giving the
game problems:
d3d_surface:IWineD3DSurfaceImpl_LockRect returning memory at 0x14990be8,
pitch(2048) dirtyfied(1)
First chance exception: page fault on write access to 0x14990be8 in 32-bit code

Could you possibly run the game with winedbg and see if you get anything similar?

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