[Bug 1267] Popup menus (shortcuts) will put the main form behind other X apps (Visual FoxPro)

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Fri Mar 16 08:46:05 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From Speeddymon at gmail.com  2007-16-03 08:46 -------
If you are running conformance tests and they do exactly the same thing on
windows and linux, then that means wine is conforming to the way windows does
it, so that unfortunately cannot be used to confirm this bug.  However it is
possible that the conformance tests are bugged, so I would suggest to test on
current wine (with current conformance tests), on both Linux and wine, and if
the same thing occurs, report it to the devel list, as a possible bug in the
conformance tests.  If they confirm it is a bug, then please report that back here.

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