[Bug 1314] Wine always downloads truetype fonts into its ps files when printing

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Fri Mar 16 08:51:35 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From Speeddymon at gmail.com  2007-16-03 08:51 -------
I.e. if there is a gdiFont defined for current font (I assume, this means if a
display font 
has been loaded), and if the font is not the result of a substitution, then we
download it 
into the printer. Otherwise we try to use a builtin font. 
Shouldn't that be the other way round: first try to use a builtin font, and only
if that is not 
possible (because no such font defined in generic.ppd or missing .afm file)
download it.

I agree that this should be the other way around.  Alain, could you write a
patch against current wine (if the issue still exists with current wine), and
send it to wine-patches?

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