[Bug 7653] GDI deadlock on startup of any program

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Sat Mar 17 15:32:17 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From zarquon at t-online.de  2007-17-03 15:32 -------
OK, I tried the full tarball and got the same results, so it wasn't my tree
that got messed up during patching.

I then started the arduous task of regression-testing and now, 13 compiles
later (and having to patch each one by hand because in the entire 0.9-series
the dummy-union/struct members were messed up more often than not) I found
the culprit (git-output):

0f8706ec33b3193f19b3a55247fe515497063fc5 is first bad commit
commit 0f8706ec33b3193f19b3a55247fe515497063fc5
Author: Alexandre Julliard <julliard at winehq.org>
Date:   Fri Oct 6 17:56:51 2006 +0200

    winex11.drv: Give XInitThreads another chance.

:040000 040000 1fa1889bc2b65f5c2a0b9ceb8a80e46dabfa1c5b
9d893c9e24fabd98026b79ac69d4a23540f1dd07 M      dlls

This probably depends on the X11-version; I've got an older one, but Wine
should either refuse to build/run on older platforms (not desirable) or work
around bugs/limitations (much preferred).

I sincerely hope this work won't be for the birds, otherwise it'll be the
last time in the foreseeable future I'll report a bug.

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