[Bug 7663] War Of the Ring Demo aborts silently on startup

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Sun Mar 18 07:40:49 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From rmh at aybabtu.com  2007-18-03 07:40 -------
> You should not use malloc in Wine, wcslen and others won't work properly
> in Wine. Use Win32 APIs like HeapAlloc and lstrlenW instead.


> Also it looks like your code won't work if there are non-ascii characters
> on the command line.

Ok, then I suppose I would have to convert the string to the charset defined in
Un*x locale before calling canonicalize_file_name().

Btw, I notice my use of config_dir is not very correct either, since it won't
support drives that are not in a subdir of config_dir.  I think I would have to
check which win32 drive does the file belong to, and then check if it's fully
contained in it.  But then there's that "catch-all" '/' drive, which breaks this

Perhaps what we should do is checking if getcwd() is a subdir of our
executable's drive; if it is then leave relative paths as-is, and otherwise
convert to absolute paths?

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