[Bug 7653] GDI deadlock on startup of any program

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Mon Mar 19 19:17:06 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From zarquon at t-online.de  2007-19-03 19:17 -------
I have no idea. I'm still on XF86 on this machine (4.3 server with 4.2 libs;
updating is a bit problematic ATM) and that bug appears to be for Xorg. And of
course deadlocks are one of the biggest problems in multithreaded programming,
so just because there's an X-related deadlock elsewhere doesn't mean they're
related. Judging by the way Wine behaves I'd also say it's a Wine component
that deadlocks rather than X or X-libs (but since I'm not really familiar with
Wine-internals I could be wrong, of course).
I also tried it on my new computer (with an up-to-date Xorg version) and Wine
runs fine there. Could it be related to the extremely weird fact that a fully
compiled Wine source tree is 1GB on my old machine and a measly 250MB on my new
one? (I checked and double-checked and it's really that small -- and by the
looks of it still fully functional).

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