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------- Additional Comments From Speeddymon at gmail.com  2007-21-03 09:51 -------
I discovered some other things yesterday as well.  If you run wineprefixcreate
prior to running winecfg, then you end up with ` ~/.wine/drive_c that is not used..

In other words, run winecfg first, setup everything how you want, and then run
wineprefixcreate to update the symlinks, and make the windows directory tree in
the fake c that is where you want it.

Now with that being said.  When you run winecfg, look under the Desktop
Integration tab.  In the Shell Folders section are several shell folders, like
Desktop and My Documents.  If you click on those there is a check box below that
says Link To and to the right of the check box is a place for you to type a path
to where you want your desktop to point to, etc.

If you leave those checked, then when you run the WinRAR installer, the .lnk
file that WinRAR installs on windows gets put on your xorg desktop, ALONG WITH
the .desktop file that wine creates from that .lnk file, so you get 2 icons on
your desktop, one that works and one doesnt.  But if you click on Desktop in
winecfg and uncheck that check box, and then run the installer, then you get
just the .desktop file like you are supposed to.

Unfortunately, winecfg does not have an option for the Start Menu shell folder,
and wineprefixcreate doesn't create it either, so when you run the WinRAR
installer, the winrar shortcuts get placed into the Program Files\WinRAR
directory.  But if you manually create the Start Menu folder as a symlink to
your xorg menu's folder (~/.local/share/applications/wine), then the .lnk files
AND .desktop files are put in your menu..  If you manually create the Start Menu
folder as a regular folder, then you get just the .desktop files in your menu,
like you are supposed to.....

SO, here are the bugs:

1) windows\profiles\(user)\Desktop (as symlink) makes you get 2 icons per
shortcut on desktop, same for Start\ Menu (as symlink)
2) windows\profiles\Start Menu doesn't exist by default, when it should
3) winecfg needs to have a Shell Folder entry for Start Menu..

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