[Bug 3693] open dialog very slow if using kernel automounter

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Mon Mar 26 11:56:49 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From sp_idichkovsky at n-ix.com.ua  2007-26-03 11:56 -------
>Is that a standard GetOpenFileName dialog or a custom app's one?
>Does an attempt to open a file from Wine's notepad show this problem?

>Does Wine properly detects/reports drive type of a problematic mount point
>as a remote/network one?

Novell file system mounts under /var/opt/novell/nclmnt/ dir.
We were browsing through drive Z: (/) to the /var/opt/novell/nclmnt/...
We tryed to config drive Z: as network, but it didn't help.


[Software\\Wine\\Drives] 1168583152

Icon is the same on all drives.
We are using Crossover 6.0.0beta2

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