[Bug 7685] eMule webinterface does not work

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Wed Mar 28 04:20:50 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From zthg4821 at gmail.com  2007-28-03 04:20 -------
I've just tested localhost web interface sessions in eMule 0.47c with versions
of Wine going all the way back to 0.9.23 (which is 2 versions before the big
0.9.25 socket fix was released; see bug 3063) and every single one exhibits the
same broken behavior as I described in comment #5 and comment #10. For
thoroughness I also tried using an older version of eMule -- 0.47a -- and still
experienced the same results.

This would indicate that either localhost web interface sessions were broken all
along and I simply didn't notice it until recently (it's only 2 small GIFs,
somewhat easy to miss), or there's something new in my system configuration that
brought out the buggy behavior (Netfilter config in my kernel perhaps?).

So this disproves my suspicion in comment #13 -- the problem doesn't seem to be
a regression after all. So much for all that git-bisecting. :)

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