[Bug 5955] DirectDrawCreate crash on non-OpenGL desktop

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Wed Mar 28 16:31:04 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From J.Nicolaisen at gmx.net  2007-28-03 16:31 -------
OK I got it to "work."

Here's how to get  Starcraft etc. to run with the x11 driver on a system without
OpenGL (remember, these games don't even need hardware acceleration.)

_In this order_:

- Make sure you have libGL on your system (this is just a crutch for wine's
detection process, which is obviously buggy.)
-Make sure libGL.so.1 is in your PATH. I had to create a symlink:

ln -s usr/lib/opengl/xorg-x11/lib/libGL.so.1.2 /usr/lib/libGL.so.1

- Recompile wine with opengl support (Gentoo users must enable the opengl
useflag - it's no longer optional)
- Reinstall wine
- As the FIRST THING, run winecfg; this will tell you that OpenGL doesn't work
and thus it is "disabled" (I never found out what exactly this "disabling" did.)
This needs to be done before running any other apps.
- Set the aforementioned magic registry key
- Reinstall all apps (games) from scratch (full Baldur's Gate install + patching
etc, grr.)

Then it magically worked. Not very well (bad performance compared to wine
0.9.8), but the games run.

Regarding your comment Stefan, here's what I have to say.

a) It's just not working out of the box. It would not work for a newbie or
computer illiterate person with an old laptop.
b) It is not clear that you have to compile wine with openGL support (and thus
you need libGL.) There's no warning. No documentation.
c) I don't like to be told off with "It works for X percent of standard users,
so your complaint is invalid." That's not good practice, it's a cheap way out.
It's what Windows does.

Some things I would expect:

- Clearly state that libGL (or Mesa) is a dependency of Wine; declare that Wine
practically needs 3D acceleration even for 10 year old Direct Draw apps 
- Clearly state that users who have no 3D capable hardware should keep using
wine 0.9.8 (or Windows.)

In my experience the Mesa software GL substitute is unbelievably slow, so that's
not an option.

A final remark: The hoops I had to jump through to get those ten-year-old DDraw
games working with wine 0.9.31 remind me of the  typical Windows experience.
Congrats on emulating that as well.

You're eager to close this bug and move on; go ahead and do so. Mark it as WONT
FIX and declare it a feature. 

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