[Bug 5955] DirectDrawCreate crash on non-OpenGL desktop

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Wed Mar 28 17:34:17 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From stefandoesinger at gmx.at  2007-28-03 17:34 -------
First of all: You are right regarding the wine documentation. It is in a 
pretty bad shape and is really outdated. Patches are welcome of course :-) . A 
first step would be a patch to improve the ERR messages in ddraw, d3d8 and 
d3d9 to suggest checking opengl.

I do not buy the newbie argument. All recent Linux distros do ship a working 
opengl library by default. The only real exception is Gentoo, and I do not 
consider Gentoo a newbie distro. Furthermore I don't think that running a game 
over a remote link like the reporter did is something newbies do regularly. 
Also I recommend you to read the Gentoo documentation, especially the thing 
about "eselect opengl". The old system argument isn't really valid either. For 
one part see below. And even if its because of opengl beeing needed for some 
reason, there is no hardware out there which runs current beginner's distros 
but does not have at least a basic 3d accelerator. (Yes, you can run things 
like Gentoo on old hardware, I myself have an up to date Gentoo system on my 
old 120 mhz notebook. But that isn't something people new to Linux will do 

Regarding the slowness: Is it really because of opengl? I suspect it is 
because of the asynchronous surface updates(bug 5526). There used to be a hack 
in the old ddraw implementation for that, but Alexandre didn't accept it back 
as is. For properly synchronizing such surface updates the whole DirectX code 
has to be synchronized - or at least before I see a point in trying to send 
the patch again. Volunteers welcome.

I won't stop anyone from implementing lazy linking against libGL.so. Its just 
that I personally won't do that anytime soon because there are other things to 
do which I consider higher priority.

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