[Bug 5790] The cursor in Age of Mythology shows up a greyish colour.

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Thu Mar 29 16:53:05 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From andrewriedi at gmail.com  2007-29-03 16:53 -------
Make sure you have a 32-bit version of Xcursor installed that wine has access
to.  Also make sure you have the development headers installed.  If you need
help with figuring out either one of those, let me know.  If all goes well, a
simple 'grep XCURSOR include/config.h' should return '#define
HAVE_X11_XCURSOR_XCURSOR_H 1' and '#define SONAME_LIBXCURSOR "libXcursor.so.1"'
or similar.  (After running ./configure, of course.)  

By the way, you should file a bug report for the unhandled exception and (if
possible) do some regression testing.

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