[Bug 2398] OpenGL is only used on top level windows so child windows get overdrawn

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Sat Mar 31 01:07:16 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From mail at science.su  2007-31-03 01:07 -------
> But we need a lot of proof.

Please, can you be more specific? For now it is now that this patch works a lot 
better than any of Ulrich hacks or anything else including alternatives like 
using virtual machines (this is unrelated of course to this bug, but this is 
only real-world alternative if Windows program doesn't under Wine but you 
really need it). With it, most programs that uses OpenGL/Direct3D child windows 
looks like under Windows and "just work" for user as they should.

What I think about this. First, it is important to specify what exatly should 
be done to get this patch to be accepted. Any kind of clean up or important 
redisign before submitting? Something else? And if wide testing is really 
important it definitely should be accepted first (of course, after clean up, 
etc., if this will be considered neccessary) otherwise wide testing is simply 
impossible to accomplish.

Without answers to these questions it is very difficult to do something. For 
example I have little experience with Windows/Wine API but still I'm 
experienced Linux/C++/OpenGL programmer. Maybe I can help with something if I 
have enough free time and knowledge? Or maybe not... I don't know because I 
don't know what what is requried and neccessary to accept it and what isn't.

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