[Bug 7929] C&C 3 network does not work

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------- Additional Comments From the3dfxdude at gmail.com  2007-03-05 12:26 -------
This problem seems to be cause by incorrect network settings that I cover in
both my HOWTOs

Diablo 2 uses gethostbyname()...:
"If you are going to play a direct TCP/IP game and the game tells you that it
could not detect a valid address, make sure about things:

   1. Have a valid internet addressable IP address for internet play or proper
NAT forwarding.
   2. Have a hostname other than localhost.
   3. In /etc/hosts, have a valid hostname of your computer listed with your
current IP address you want to use and do not have your hostname listed with Do not have "localhost" listed first either."

Warcraft III uses broadcast packets...:
"If you try to play using the Local Area Network option, and do not see a game
hosted from your machine on another or vice versa, and you are in the same
subnet, this is likely caused by not having a default gateway. The game relies
on sending UDP packets to the broadcast address and Linux will not send them
unless there is a default gateway or another rule to handle them. To fix it,
there are two methods:

Add a default gateway.
- OR -
Route 255. 255. 255. 255 to your local network.

See Wine Traffic #62 http://www.winehq.org/?issue=62 for another description of
the issue. This is not considered a bug."

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