[Bug 7621] Fallout Tactics no longer starts up (worked in 0.9.31)

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Fri May 4 02:58:03 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From martyspamtrap at comcast.net  2007-04-05 02:58 -------
Sorry for the slow reply.

Fallout Tactics uses a different engine than Fallout 1 or Fallout 2.  It makes
use of D3D (for translucency?), where I think the others were only DDRAW apps. 
It has failed to launch since 0.9.32 and still fails in 0.9.36 the same way. 
Fallout 2 still works here on 0.9.36, but Tactics fails.  Not sure where to get
a demo.  Maybe I can mail someone a CD or collect debug info?  Let me know. 
(The e-mail address, in spite of appearances, is real.)

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