[Bug 6880] Stronghold 2/Legends do not start in win2k/xp mode

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Sat May 5 15:46:52 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From vitaliy at kievinfo.com  2007-05-05 15:46 -------
> Names? Are they *ever* supposed to work on wine?
Sure, why not? Safedisc is one of them (even as old as 1.5). It does not use
GetProcAddress (where it does matter). In fact, it does all the import fixups
itself (which still doesn't work on Wine ATM). So if you patch GetProcAddress it
might confuse it or some other programs that do read export tables directly.

> To cope this braindamaged i-have-my-own-GetProcAddress stuff, the loader could
> hot-patch the export tables after mapping the dll into memory (cancelling out
> exports which are not supported by current plaform).
Nope that won't work - see above, safedisc does export fixups itself. The
dll/executable in question has no imports at all. There are few other details
that I can't really talk about.

> The windows loader wont load dependency (module) with missing import (wrong
> platform) - while the wine loader happily does (which is IMHO wrong behaviour
> leading to problems).
Who said Wine does that? Wine will brake into debugger aka crash when an app
tries to import non-existing function. The best example - old version of
mfc42.dll that doesn't have one of the functions lots of new apps need.

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