[Bug 6533] Type mismatch 13 Error shows up in a VB-App.

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Wed May 9 06:12:58 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From focht at gmx.net  2007-09-05 06:12 -------

it's a german application running on english locale, emitting interesting
shortcoming on wine.

It first constructs a date string:

--- snip ---
0018:Call KERNEL32.GetLocalTime(0034e5f8) ret=660e8d83
0018:Ret  KERNEL32.GetLocalTime() retval=00000001 ret=660e8d83
0018:Call oleaut32.VarDateFromUdate(0034e61c,00000000,0034e5f8) ret=660e8d06
trace:variant:VarDateFromUdateEx (0x34e61c->5/9/2007 12:9:59:26128 3
trace:variant:VARIANT_RollUdate Raw date: 9/5/2007 12:9:59
trace:variant:VARIANT_RollUdate Rolled date: 9/5/2007 12:9:59
trace:variant:VarDateFromUdateEx Returning 39211.5
trace:variant:VarFormat (0x34e7b0->(VT_DATE),L"dd.mm.yyyy",1,1,0x00000000,0x34e640)
trace:variant:VariantChangeTypeEx returning 0x00000000, 0x34e3e0->(VT_DATE)
trace:variant:VarUdateFromDate (39211.5,0x00000000,0x34e3b8)
trace:variant:VARIANT_FormatDate buff is L"09.05.2007"
trace:variant:VarFormat returning 0x00000000, L"09.05.2007"
0018:Ret  oleaut32.VarFormat() retval=00000000 ret=660f587b 
--- snip ---

Notice the supplied L"dd.mm.yyyy" format string.
It's a german date string (hard coded into VB binary).

A bit later ...

--- snip ---
trace:variant:VarDateFromStr (L"09.05.2007",0x00000400,0x00000000,0x34e488)
0018:Call KERNEL32.GetLocaleInfoW(00000400,20000021,0034e3c8,00000002) ret=6047e6f2
trace:nls:GetLocaleInfoW (lcid=0x409,lctype=0x21,0x34e3c8,2)
0018:Ret  KERNEL32.GetLocaleInfoW() retval=00000002 ret=6047e6f2
trace:variant:VarDateFromStr iDate is 0
0018:Call KERNEL32.GetLocaleInfoW(00000400,00000038,0034e1d8,00000080) ret=6047e766
trace:nls:GetLocaleInfoW (lcid=0x409,lctype=0x38,0x34e1d8,128)
trace:nls:GetLocaleInfoW (lcid=0x409,lctype=0x38,0x34e1d8,128) returning 8
trace:variant:VarDateFromStr 0x00000003
trace:variant:VariantChangeTypeEx returning 0x80020005, 0x34e5c8->(VT_NULL)
0018:Ret  oleaut32.VariantChangeTypeEx() retval=80020005 ret=660e0be6 
0018:Call user32.LoadStringA(66000000,00002717,0034e184,000001f4) ret=660d9e18
trace:nls:WideCharToMultiByte cp 0 L"Type mismatch" -> "Type mismatch", ret = 13 
--- snip ---

Now the date string shall be converted to date using current locale, which is
system default, sublang eng -> 0x409 on my system.

When the date string is parsed, the delimiters are being taken as DP_TIMESEP
type flags.
After parsing it tries to fill system time struct data by evaluating parsed date
struct data/flags.
It encounters inconsistency (because the parse data doesnt match expected time
fields) therefore DISP_E_TYPEMISMATCH is returned.

Now one can argue if we set locale to german (LANG/LC_TYPE to de_DE) this might
work. No it does not.
VarDateFromStr() doesnt take locale into account when processing date/time
delimiters - they are hard coded.

Compare delimiters:

Locale                  Common format   Long format     Short format
United States English   05/09/07        April 9, 2007 	05/09/07
German                  9.5.07 	        9. April 2007 	09.05.07

With locale set to en_EN this error is acceptable, because the application used
hard coded date format string on wrong locale.
With locale set to de_DE this is a wine problem/bug, because "." is a valid date


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