[Bug 6189] AutoCAD 2007 fails to install

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Thu May 10 00:05:31 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From truiken at gmail.com  2007-10-05 00:05 -------
I installed .NET 2.0 and tried the installer again.  The installer complained
that .NET 2.0 wasn't installed, which this patch fixes:


After this patch is committed, this bug becomes a bug in kernel32 (actctx):

fixme:actctx:ActivateActCtx 0x55fcf0 0x7e6b80f8
fixme:actctx:DeactivateActCtx 00000000 00f00bad
fixme:actctx:QueryActCtxW 00000000 (nil) (nil) 2 (nil) 0 0x7e6b7c20
fixme:actctx:QueryActCtxW 00000000 (nil) (nil) 2 (nil) 0 0x7e6b7c30
fixme:advapi:RegisterEventSourceA ((null),".NET Runtime"): stub
fixme:advapi:RegisterEventSourceW (L"",L".NET Runtime"): stub
(0xcafe4242,0x0001,0x0000,0x00000000,(nil),0x0001,0x00000000,0x7e6b7868,(nil)): stub
err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"Error enumerating shim databases - 234"
fixme:advapi:DeregisterEventSource (0xcafe4242) stub
err:msi:ITERATE_Actions Execution halted, action L"SetupWizard" returned 1603

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