[Bug 8355] Fahrenheit installer fails with "Unable to copy 1"

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Fri May 11 17:05:23 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From truiken at gmail.com  2007-11-05 17:05 -------
> I've installed at least dozens of InstallShield apps before and none have
locked up like this. Are you sure this hasn't created some other issue?

I don't know what you're referring to by 'this' and what the other issue would
be.  Almost all installers that are disk I/O-intensive exhibit this behavior on
my machine, which is perfectly reasonable.  The dialog code runs in a separate
thread from the action code, so it gets a time slice from the scheduler when it can.

> (By the way I'm not a newbie James, I have over 105 bugs filed on here and
countless AppDB entries).

No statements in this bug report infer that you are a 'newbie'.  You should keep
up the non-newbiness by not posting to closed bugs and taking any concerns you
have to wine-devel.

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