[Bug 8194] Ddraw patch crashes Europa Universalis II and Victoria at start-up

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Mon May 14 13:45:13 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From cja at gmx.net  2007-14-05 13:45 -------

EU2 and Victoria are developed by the same people and the basic foundation
is the same. Hearts of iron I and II, crusader kings also comes derives
from the same source.
However, after filing this bug I realised that Hearts of Iron II works
nicely (Except for performance bug 3818 and graphical glitches bug 7934)
so the internal might be more different than I expected.
But Europa Universalis II and Victoria both crash after the ddraw rewrite, so I 
would guess it is the same bug that causes it. Both games crashes when
they do "Initalizing graphics", so it definitly looks very alike.

Unfortunally there is no demo available. Atleast I'm not aware of any.
I'm always willing to do testing. I'm writing C for a living, but
I know next to nothing about directx.

By the way bug 3818 also includes lots of 
"0009:err:ddraw:IDirectDrawSurfaceImpl_GetSurfaceDesc Impossible/Strange struct 
size 0" prints.

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