[Bug 8418] Remote Administrator 2.2 (Radmin) Remote View Screen mode missing window frame/bar

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Thu May 17 06:49:13 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From jasmine.aura at yahoo.com  2007-17-05 06:49 -------
regarding the 2nd note i put in the image:
i meant to say that the window position freezes (is impossible to move) after
'right clicking the on top menu bar once' and not 'moving it once'.
What I mean by "freezes" is that when I right click on the menu bar once, then I
can no longer move the window, nor click on minimize to minimize it, nor "X' to
close it, and the mouse pointer gets stuck at the resize-arrows-kind-of-shape.

If I dont right click on the top menubar, i can move the window many times,
though it somtimes leaves right and bottom border shadow on the screen
(refreshes when re-moved).
INTERESTING enough, I minimize that window by clicking the '-' (minimize) button
on the menu bar, then 'single left click' on the minimized window icon, and
alas.. The native Remote Admin window with all it's bells & whistles shows :)

If I disable both virtual desktop mode & window manager/managed mode, i can move
only the main Radmin screen, but not the remote view screen. The same problem as
in virtual desktop mode as to right clicking the top menu bar exists (acting
like the right click was inside and on the bottom of the remote desktop screen,

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