[Bug 8418] Remote Administrator 2.2 (Radmin) Remote View Screen mode missing window frame/bar

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Sat May 19 17:44:36 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From jasmine.aura at yahoo.com  2007-19-05 17:44 -------
In reply to comment #13

> Please don't post the same thing 2 times.

I apologize about that.. I made an error (trying to put <a href="url">link</a>
tags before i realized keywords comment and bug are automatically linked.
I tried to go back and edit my post - hoping it would commit changes and not a
new post. Not smart indeed.

> The suggested patch is not acceptable _exactly_ because of the errors you have.

Of course not. I didn't try to imply that I would expect that. That's why I put
"in reply to Comment #5" at the beginning of that post, as it was directed to
Karsten just to bring it to their attention.
Nevertheless, it's not at all uncommon for some releases to incorporate patches
that fix or implement something, and break other things. It happens. Recent
example is a regression introduced possibly caused by the new Xcursor support in
0.9.34, and as of 0.9.37 has not yet been fixed and the proposed patch(es) not
yet reviewed/approved - though it works for me..

> You can't arbitrary change "managed" flag of the window.

Of course not. I think you misunderstood what I meant to say or I'm
misinterpreting what you're saying.

I have a hard time understanding the last statement you said:

>It can only be made "madaged" if it was not managed before. But not the other
> way around.

Are you commenting on what the patch does, or the behavior of the application in
"managed" mode?
I originally had selected "Allow the window manager to control the windows" in
the graphics section of winecfg.  Remote Administrator main screen (that lists
the connections i previously added) displays correctly with it's "managed"
window, when a connection is established, the new (viewer) screen that comes up
creates another taskbar entry (meaning it's being managed by the window manager
and not the application) as expected, but missing it's window/frame.

Not trying to arbitrarily change anything. I can care less about the functions
in the system menu dialog, so i dont really _need_ non-managed mode, though it
would be nice if it could work in 'managed' mode as well is I all I was saying -
though I know it's not possible.

My main concern is the title, the missing window/frame in managed mode, and
that's what this bug report is for.

Your comment reminds me of a question I had: why is the Managed & Virtual
Desktop modes in winecfg's Graphics tab checkbox type selection? Could both
modes be enabled at the same time?  A radio type selection would make more
sense, I think.
sorry about the lengthy (and the dup) post.

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