[Bug 8466] Autocad 2000 Trial fails to install on first try

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Thu May 24 18:58:59 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From truiken at gmail.com  2007-24-05 18:58 -------
The installer tries to start the C-Dilla service, and that fails, so it pops up
the message box about insufficient rights.  StartServiceW sees that the service
process is not running, so we call service_start_process.  We get down to line
1540 and call CreateProcess to load the service process, then wait on the event
handle and the process.  The wait times out and we bail out.  The problem is
that we create an event that needs to be signaled by the service process, but
the names of the two events differ in the first character position: 

hsvc->name: L"\00c7-DillaSrv"
name: L"__wineservice_\00c7-DillaSrv"
CreateEvent: L"__wineservice_\00c7-DillaSrv" 0xb8
creating event: 0xb8
we're waiting on 0xb8
path: L"c:\\windows\\system32\\DRIVERS\\CDANTSRV.EXE"
CreateProcess worked
name: C-DillaSrv
service->name at this point: L"C-DillaSrv"
service->name: L"C-DillaSrv"
name: L"__wineservice_C-DillaSrv"
CreateEvent: L"__wineservice_C-DillaSrv" 0x3c
creating event: 0x3c
calling setevent: 0x3c
SetEvent: 0x3c
ret: 258

C-DillaSrv is the name of the service according to the service process.  The
registry entry for the service name is "\00c7-DillaSrv", so my guess is that the
service process has C-DillaSrv hard-coded.

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