[Bug 5774] udp traffic stop working after a time for dht/utorrent and kademlia/emule

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Fri May 25 04:15:21 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From damjan.jov at gmail.com  2007-25-05 04:15 -------
Well unfortunately Alexandre doesn't like the patch, and isn't convinced, so 
it hasn't been accepted (yet?) and so far won't be in the next version of wine.

Basically I showed that a UDP datagram with a bad checksum causes a spurious 
wakeup, that spurious wakeups break emule, and that trying a read prevents 
spurious wakeups, but Alexandre also wants to see that nothing else causes the 
spurious wakeups. I am of the opinion that any other causes of spurious 
wakeups should be separate bugs and my patch should be accepted regardless, 
but what can I do?

If you want to help, and have a lot of patience, run wireshark capturing all 
UDP traffic to a file, and run emule on an unpatched wine 0.9.37 with 
+winsock,+server,+tid (again to a file, it's many gigabytes long). Then 
somehow correlate the 2 logs (hard, wine's log doesn't have timestamps) and 
show what happens in the UDP traffic when WSARecvFrom returns error 10035 
(EWOULDBLOCK) for a UDP socket (it should only happen once), I suspect you get 
a bad UDP checksum. Then I'll go and argue some more :-).

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