[Bug 9916] "make test" usually fails

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Mon Nov 5 13:16:12 CST 2007


--- Comment #30 from Lionel Debroux <lionel_debroux at yahoo.fr>  2007-11-05 13:16:11 ---
After the changes in the past few days, only two tests now crash on my computer
(down from about seven and later five), and the advapi32 & crypt32 tests
(between others) generate less warnings. Good job everyone :-)
These tests are:
kernel32/debugger (but maybe it's intended to crash and start the debugger, I
didn't have a look at the code ?)

Three tests generate lots of warn+heap warnings:
* dsound, capture test: "Invalid in-use arena magic for ..."
* user32, dde test: this one used to crash.
* user32, edit test: "GlobalUnlock: not locked" reported in comment #20. From
the trace+edit output, all those warnings occur right when handling a
WM_DESTROY message.

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