[Bug 10323] Can not get Hellgate London Demo to install

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Tue Nov 6 11:26:24 CST 2007


Anastasius Focht <focht at gmx.net> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Anastasius Focht <focht at gmx.net>  2007-11-06 11:26:24 ---

--- snip ---
000e:Call ntdll.RtlDecodePointer(ffedaed8) ret=10021ee7
000e:Ret  ntdll.RtlDecodePointer() retval=00000000 ret=10021ee7
000e:Call KERNEL32.IsDebuggerPresent() ret=1001b1b2
000e:Ret  KERNEL32.IsDebuggerPresent() retval=00000000 ret=1001b1b2
000e:Call KERNEL32.SetUnhandledExceptionFilter(00000000) ret=1001b1bc
000e:Ret  KERNEL32.SetUnhandledExceptionFilter() retval=004280a2 ret=1001b1bc
000e:Call KERNEL32.UnhandledExceptionFilter(7cda3b80) ret=1001b1c6
wine: Unhandled exception 0xc000000d at address 0x7cda0023:0x1001c7f7 (thread
000e), starting debugger...
000e:trace:seh:start_debugger Starting debugger "winedbg --auto 8 172"
000e:Ret  KERNEL32.UnhandledExceptionFilter() retval=00000000 ret=1001b1c6 
--- snip ---

UnhandledExceptionFilter( &exception_pointers);

This removes any currently installed (app) exception filter and forces the OS
default exception handler.
Pretty standard.

Now walking back one can see following trace:

--- snip ---
000e:Call KERNEL32.GetFileAttributesW(7cda42c4 L"") ret=100032b7
000e:Ret  KERNEL32.GetFileAttributesW() retval=ffffffff ret=100032b7
000e:Call KERNEL32.GetLastError() ret=10022030
000e:Ret  KERNEL32.GetLastError() retval=00000003 ret=10022030 
--- snip ---

This is suspicious.
Searching further back with the buffer pointer reveals this:

--- snip ---
000e:Call user32.GetDlgItemTextW(00010050,000003f9,7cda52c4,00000400)
000e:Call window proc 0x7eb28520
000e:Ret  window proc 0x7eb28520
(hwnd=0x10052,msg=WM_GETTEXT,wp=00000400,lp=7cda52c4) retval=00000000
000e:Ret  user32.GetDlgItemTextW() retval=00000000 ret=10003253
000e:Call KERNEL32.GetFullPathNameW(7cda52c4 L"",00000400,7cda42c4,00000000)
000e:Ret  KERNEL32.GetFullPathNameW() retval=00000000 ret=1000326f 
--- snip ---

The path/filename seems to be missing in static/edit control...
Maybe +msi might help, this is probably installer bug (some value did not get
filled in)...


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