[Bug 3729] delphi 7 installer (i.e. installshield): product key -> Next -> nothing happens

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Fri Nov 9 11:54:05 CST 2007


--- Comment #21 from Mihai Moldovan <ionic at ionic.de>  2007-11-09 11:54:03 ---
Hi James,

well, exactly this is the problem. I got a key from CodeGear without any
problems and also copy pasted everything in there, but after clicking "Next"
simply nothing happens.

The keys MUST be right, because the installer shows an error message when
typing in a wrong number (or, e.g. when you just change a digit in the serial.

I also tested the Enterprise version right now and the installation routine is
behaving exactly in the same way (I just wanted to be sure that the problem
exists with all Delphi 7 versions.)

> So perhaps borlndlm.dll is unhappy for some reason.  I don't know.

Is the DLL a native WINE DLL? If so, we could try to override it and use the
"extern" one, though I did not found that entry in winecfg and thus it should
be taken from outside of WINE.

Mh, the DLL might be unhappy, but:

  - One time, it worked. So it seems to be a regression somewhere... I know
that looking for the regression itself in WINE is not possible due to the many
changes commited in time.
  - But thus, it can't be copy protection thing because it was fixed once,
isn't it? :)


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