[Bug 10400] Horrible performance with OffscreenRenderingMode= fbo in Counter Strike source "Video stress test"

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Sun Nov 18 15:06:47 CST 2007


--- Comment #5 from Vitaliy Margolen <vitaliy at kievinfo.com>  2007-11-18 15:06:47 ---
It might be something in my setup/configuration. The question is what? Trying
different things some how I've managed to get good FPS with fbo in cs:s. One of
the things that did some difference was AGP aperture size that was changed from
128MB to 256MB.

However it still does not work always. What makes it work/not work I have no
clue. Is there an easy way to see what's different as far as Wine sees?

Not closing it yet, because it's too intermittent to be sure which is it.

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