[Bug 10356] Microsoft Excel Freezes when trying to enter text in a cell

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Fri Nov 23 14:32:10 CST 2007


--- Comment #2 from chrisl63 at hotmail.com  2007-11-23 14:32:09 ---
I am also having this problem with Wine 0.9.49 on Ubuntu 7.10. This is with a
clean .wine folder and following the instructions on

I think there are two issues here, the first is the imm error, which freezes
Excel whenever you change the cell. I copied the imm32.dll from my Windows
install into the system32 folder and made it a (native,builtin) override, which
fixed that problem. Unfortunately it also causes Word to not run.

The second problem is the ntdll error, which freezes Excel within a few seconds
of actually entering something in a cell and changing to another cell. If you
wait 60 seconds after that, it crashes. Using the ntdll from Windows doesn't
help. I'm attaching a log with this error.

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