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--- Comment #1 from Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at gmx.at>  2007-10-03 13:28:03 ---
First of all, I am not the expert in this topic, I only have some half
knowledge, but I think this is what's going on here:

I don't know why you get a BadMatch error, but there is a deeply rooted problem
here: Windows has only one desktop, from the problem description it sounds like
you're trying to run applications on two different desktops at the same time.
You need a multi-head setup which merges the two monitors to one big desktop
insted of one.

The problem is that Windows applications expect their windows to be able to see
each other. This works on X11 as well, but only on the same DISPLAY. With two
desktops, you have two DISPLAYs: localhost:0.0 and localhost:0.1.

To fix this, you have to use Xinerma, or mergedfb, or something simmilar.
Alternatively, you can try to use two different WINEPREFIXes to separate the
applications. Or you persuade Microsoft to include support for that in the next
revision of the Win32 API design, and get all old applications fixed to deal
with that.

Can someone with better knowledge confirm if that is right, and propably close
the bug as WONTFIX? I am also not sure if the critical severity applies here.

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