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--- Comment #4 from Martin E. <martin.espinoza at gmail.com>  2007-10-06 10:35:04 ---
This bug seems to be mutating over time. The current problem (Ubuntu Feisty,
Linux agamemnon 2.6.20-16-lowlatency #2 SMP PREEMPT Sun Sep 23 19:54:02 UTC
2007 i686 GNU/Linux, wine-0.9.41) when trying to run a steambackup looks like

/media/WD250GB/steam/Backups/Half-Life2/Disk_1$ wine steambackup.exe 
err:exec:SHELL_ExecuteW cannot set directory
L"M:\\steam\\Backups\\HALF~3KK\\Disk_1\\c:/program files/steam"
err:exec:SHELL_ExecuteW cannot set directory
L"M:\\steam\\Backups\\HALF~3KK\\Disk_1\\c:/program files/steam"

I got around the problem (with guidance from this bug, esp. walker's comment
#3) by creating directories IN THE BACKUP DIR: "mkdir -p c:/"program files",
note caps just as per walker. Then I linked "$HOME/.wine/Program Files/Steam"
to "c:/program files/steam" and the install would launch Steam as it should.
(You can also apparently just run "wine Steam.exe -install
'c:/whatever/path/to/backup/dir'" but I'm not sure where you make your c:/...
in that case. I put it where I did after trial and error.)

The result, in my case, is that the restore works, but then Steam hangs at the
end. A kill -9 is required to terminate it. When restarted the games are
installed, and they update (but not a full download. at least half-life 2
worked properly for certain.) Originally the icon worked ("env
WINEPREFIX="/home/user/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" ) but
lately I also have to start Steam from the steam directory with "wine
Steam.exe" - nothing else seems to work. Also, Steam seems to be hanging often,
and now it's even refusing to connect though my connection is up. I wouldn't
mention these problems except that they did not seem to appear (especially the
connection problem) until after I started restoring backups.

Given that there seem to be multiple problems with restoring Steam backups,
should this really a "probably won't fix" kind of bug? Seems to be like it's
not just one problem (but what do I know.)

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