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--- Comment #6 from Alex Haan <armeagle at hetnet.nl>  2007-10-10 07:07:42 ---
Fedora 7, Wine 0.9.45, patched with 3 patches (as mentioned in

I noticed that I couldn't use my extra 2 mouse buttons in "Lord Of The Rings
Online: Shadows of Angmar" either.

They work just fine in Firefox as going back/forward in history.
I don't have any special mouse settings in xorg.conf (I actually don't even a
mouse device in there, only a keyboard device).
xmodmap -pp shows "There are 9 pointer buttons defined." with simple direct

So, I added an attachment from running with WINEDEBUG=+dinput (grepping out
some very often printed line) (#3).

At the start I see that it detected the keyboard and mouse and matches stuff.
The mouse seems to have 11 objects, though I'm not sure how it gets to that,
since I only have the 5 buttons and scrollwheel.

Since the log didn't show much (button states were always without activated
buttons, only the x/y coordinates changed), I decided to give another look at
"xev". Now there something special is indeed happening. The scrollwheel gives
button 4 and 5 events, just like the basic 3 buttons.
The 2 extra buttons behave differently though, as can be seen in the xev log
attached to Comment #5.

As far as I remember I don't do any mapping of mouse buttons myself. But I
could have forgotten where I did so.

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