[Bug 10075] Pascal "CLSCR" doesn't work (just hangs)

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Thu Oct 18 05:57:32 CDT 2007


diafero at arcor.de changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Version|0.9.46.                     |0.9.47.

--- Comment #4 from diafero at arcor.de  2007-10-18 05:57:31 ---
I just tried it again with wine 0.9.47:
- "wine <program>" behaves as before
- "wineconsole <program>" works fine, the screen is cleared correctly
- "wineconsole --backend=curses <program>" doesn't work, even with "cmd" as
program. I get the error message "fixme:curses:WCCURSES_GetEvents" over and
over, even Ctrl+C doesn't help

So it seems the problem is not in wineconsole. But which part of wine is
responsible for executing command-line apps started with "wine <program>"?

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