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--- Comment #5 from L. Rahyen <mail at science.su>  2007-10-27 10:35:51 ---
> Anyway, transparency on systray's icons are still a big issue, because
> they're just gray boxes.

WINE doesn't support true transparency for systray's icons but you can set its
background color to any you want - probably the color of your panel. For me
this works so well (I'm using KDE) that the lack of transparency in systray's
icons is not an issue for me at all (it can be an problem if your panel have
gradient color or background picture of course).

What about this particular bug there is high chance that it is INVALID. Are you
sure that problems you are talking about in description is the bug in WINE and
not XFCE?

You said that some application can set systray icon but some cannot. If this
works with KDE or GNOME then there is good chances that lack of systray icons
happens because XFCE doesn't support correctly some attributes or hints that
WINE is trying to use. I'm not an expert in WINE/Windows GUI programming so
this is just a guess.

> The problem of missing systray icon seems to occur less in Wine 0.9.47

If so then it is good idea to mention which programs now work as expected and
which still do not. This can help someone who decides too look into this bug.

And finally, if with upgrade to 0.9.47 something begun to work better then you
can do a regression test in order to find out what patch changed old behavior
to better one. This may help to find out what is the real cause of this bug.
I'm saying this because for many people it isn't obvious that regression test
can be used not only for finding regressions but for any changes.

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