[Bug 9551] Game crashes if enter tactical modus in UFO:ET -- d3d

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Sun Sep 2 10:29:55 CDT 2007


--- Comment #4 from Marcel Schmedes <sm at kleinreich.de>  2007-09-02 10:29:55 ---
after fiddle around with UFO,
I used a Savegame from Windoze, beeing in tactical maneuver
and It's working well. ( After removing videos for soldierface-animations,
./data/video/* - all videos used in Ufo (.ogg) don't like wine... ).
See AppDB for screens. _But_ the bug is still there,
if you click on Geoscape and drag - the Game still crash,
seem's that this Issue has just nothing to do with tactical modus.
Maybe an impact from Bug 9550 - Mouse-desync!? 

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