[Bug 8144] Morrowind: Changing keyboard controls causes freeze

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Sun Sep 2 14:23:09 CDT 2007


--- Comment #7 from Ben Hall <benjamin.hall at bioch.ox.ac.uk>  2007-09-02 14:23:08 ---
Ok, I've done some regression testing and the patch which causes the problem is
"dinput: Remove MsgWaitForMultipleObjects calls." (SHA1 ID
b22ff8018aca7c365e505f1db7732f7050ae259b, committed on 2006-12-28). Reverting
either altered line in the current git version fixes the bug; I think the
original patch was used to reduce response lag so I don't know which change
would give the smallest system slowdown. Also given that this is a "dinput"
problem (for changing either keyboard or mouse bindings, and this is just
keyboard code), I don't know if it would be more appropriate (and faster) to
try fix something further upstream.

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