[Bug 9569] automatically set up dosdevices on first run

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Sun Sep 2 23:20:10 CDT 2007


--- Comment #9 from Michael Gilbert <michael.s.gilbert at gmail.com>  2007-09-02 23:20:10 ---
with a disk mounted, it looks like the one drive was detected twice, and
nothing with the other drive.  i ended up with a "d:" and a "d::" dosdevice. 
it seems like i should get the same dosdevices whether or not the disk was
mounted, and the d:: seems erroneous.

however, this is getting away from the original point of the report, and should
probably be filed as a separate bug.  the original point was that i think the
dosdevices should be automatically set up for all partitions.  e.g.
h:=/home/user, b:=/boot, g:=/mnt/disk2, a:=/mnt/floppy, etc.

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