[Bug 9569] automatically set up dosdevices on first run

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Mon Sep 3 01:05:38 CDT 2007


--- Comment #13 from Michael Gilbert <michael.s.gilbert at gmail.com>  2007-09-03 01:05:38 ---
(In reply to comment #12)
> However this proposition was discussed before and was rejected. Thus the
> resolution of this bug.

do you have a link to the discussion?  i will read up so i can understand the

> Also just something for you to think about, how will you handle raid arrays?
> LVMs? And don't forget the more important question, how will windows programs
> handle that?

if i remember right, raids can be mounted as one partition (linux), and
equivalently as one drive letter (windows).  never dealt with an lvm.

> Also don't forget about that on windows you can have things like reparse
> points, or partitions without drive letters assigned to them.

didn't know that.  is it necessary to support something so obscure?

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