[Bug 8750] source game mouse button crash

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Mon Sep 3 06:41:31 CDT 2007


--- Comment #8 from lord <david_kaufmann at gmx.at>  2007-09-03 06:41:30 ---
The only thing that comes to my mind currently is Guild Wars itself - you don't
need an account to confirm the problem - it already consists on the login

BUT: the game is *very* large...almost about 4 GB - without having entered the
game maybe (much) less because all the data from the individual game instances
(missions) is loaded when first entering it..
Install-Program itself: about 100 kB

Can be installed without having an account or CD-Key - the CD-Key is only
needed for creating an account which you need at the login screen to enter the
But as the problem already consists on the login-screen you don't need the

if anyone wants to try - with the following command it works on my system:

wine "C:\Program Files\Guildwars\Gw.exe" -nosound

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