[Bug 9313] InstallShield Wizard exits because requires newer system

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Mon Sep 3 09:31:11 CDT 2007


--- Comment #29 from Skewray <wine at skewray.com>  2007-09-03 09:31:10 ---
So how do I use wine at all?  My C: drive isn't in ~/.wine/drive_c.  Am I
supposed to use a softlink?  If so, why does winecfg allow the C: drive to be
changed?  Why isn't all this documented in the wine install directions?

I did what appeared to me to be a perfectly reasonable set of steps, and I got
a bizarre result.  That means that something is wrong with wine that needs to
be fixed.  Wine installation should not be an expert system that requires
common users to read every obscure bit of documentation on the web, such as
some page called "winetricks".

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