[Bug 9571] simpleMonitor.exe Program will not start, " A previous instance of simpleMonitor is already running"

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Mon Sep 3 15:56:16 CDT 2007


--- Comment #3 from Matt Oglesby <oglesbym at kc.rr.com>  2007-09-03 15:56:15 ---
Yes, it does connect using root. Fantastic, huge improvement, however after
typing in a known working IP of a tower that I tested connectivity side by side
with in Windows, in wine, when i type a working IP and password and click
Login, a warning box saying "Select the IP address" appears. This is not
supposed to happen and does not occur in windows. Is it seeing the IP I typed? 

I feel like we're on the home stretch here!

(In reply to comment #2)
> The application tries to bind privileged port 162:
> trace:winsock:WS_bind socket 0074, ptr 0x335438 { family 2, address,
> port 162 }, length 16
> warn:winsock:WS_bind    failure - errno = 13
> warn:winsock:wsaErrno errno 13, (Permission denied).
> You can work around this by running Wine as root, but note that
> doing so is not supported by the Wine project.

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