[Bug 3741] There are some symlinks missing from the Winelib directory

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Tue Sep 4 18:45:59 CDT 2007


--- Comment #4 from Jason Edmeades <us at edmeades.me.uk>  2007-09-04 18:45:58 ---
Note: XP doesnt have %windir%\command.com (its in system32, nor rundll32) but
if there is an application which needs it then it could easily be added. 

I'd suggest closing this as LATER, and if anyone ever finds they need it we
just fix it then. 

Its not hard to fix (fakedlls section I believe) but I dont feel confident
enough about the example locations especially as it differs so much from XP - I
worry that someone may assume a current working directory for eg rundll32 which
changes due to an additional fake entry which no application needs (yet).

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