[Bug 9583] CompareStringW gives incorrect result for some wide strings

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Wed Sep 5 05:50:53 CDT 2007


--- Comment #6 from Peter Åstrand <peter at cendio.se>  2007-09-05 05:50:52 ---
>Does calling lstrcmpW show the same result?

Yes. With locale 0x41d, under Windows, both gives "greater", while under Wine,
both gives "less". 

>Also it would be interesting to see what sort keys LCMapStringW returns
>in both locales and where they differ.

I'm not familiar with LCMapStringW. What kind of flags should I call it with?

>Another point that may make the testing easier: most likely just specifying
>an appropriate locale (0x41d or 0x409) in the 1st argument of CompareStringW
>and LCMapStringW is enough to avoid system locale changes.

Since the test program prints out the locale at startup, there's no risk of
mistakes. Using GetUserDefaultLCID() is convenient, since it allows us to test
different locale just by changing the locale in the control panel, instead of
having to recompile. 

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