[Bug 9537] Running JSmooth triggers Unhandled page fault

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Thu Sep 6 02:40:30 CDT 2007


--- Comment #10 from Ronny Standtke <Ronny.Standtke at gmx.net>  2007-09-06 02:40:29 ---
(In reply to comment #9)
> The severity description is not correct, it will eventually be fixed:
> http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9110

Thank you very much for clarification!

I tried to establish a constructive conversation per email but all I got was
some more flames from Vitaliy (that he does not feel like answering "user
questions", that I am simply not _allowed_(!) to even touch the severity combox
and that I have an attitude problem).

There are several misconceptions:

1) I am (still) not a "user" of wine. Several years ago I switched my company
to Linux. Some users could not live without MS-Office. I gave wine a test and
it was unuseable. Therefore I bought CrossOver Office. After some weeks it
turned out to be too buggy and we moved to a virtualized MS-Windows. At this
point in time I put wine on my "promising-but-not-yet-ready" OSS watchlist.
Then I tested almost every release and wrote bugreports. Ask wine bugzilla if
you wish so.

2) If there is a clearly documented feature (like the severity level) and
someone I have never heard of before and does not introduce oneself as an
authority in a certain area tells me the opposite without any references I am
not going to believe this person. It is like if a stranger runs into me on
streat and tells me earth is flat...

3) Telling me that I have an attitude problem is not helpful at all. I know
that developers have huge egos that tend to clash with others on every
occasion. I am familiar with this situations because I am an OSS developer
myself (just google my name). Here is the deal: If you continue this "we are
the masters of the known universe and you are only part of the unwashed masses"
wine will just vanish from my radar. You will lose a contributor. Your choice.

So, back to business:

Louis asked:
> Could you test , and maybe we should change this to shell32 then

My question from Comment#6 is still unanswered. Does that mean that I have to
copy some dll files from a Windows installation?

My question from Comment#8 is still unanswered. What are "native java programs"
and how does that relate to JSmooth (a Windows application)?

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