[Bug 9537] Running JSmooth triggers Unhandled page fault

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--- Comment #11 from Dan Kegel <dank at kegel.com>  2007-09-06 08:28:40 ---
Hi Ronny,
re comment #6, yes, you have to either copy files from
a windows installation, or from some MS download.
(Have a look at http://kegel.com/wine/winetricks for an
example of the latter.)  MS downloads are preferred because
they're repeatable; if you copy from a windows installation,
the results depend heavily on your windows box version and update state.

Re commment #8, you're right, jsmooth is absolutely a windows
app, wine should support it fully.  Anyone who says differently
may not have looked at the jsmooth web page.

As for attitude problems: Vitaliy is a great guy, but he has
an enormous chip on his shoulder.  It could be we should
take away his bugzilla privs because of how abusive he is 
towards users.  Yet he is also helpful to beginning developers,
so we are kind of in a jam.  We will discuss this at the upcoming
Wine conference in Zurich.  (You're invited if you'd like to attend!)

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