[Bug 9198] Photoshop 6 can't do "File / New"

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Thu Sep 6 15:29:18 CDT 2007


--- Comment #6 from Mikolaj Zalewski <mikolaj.zalewski at gmail.com>  2007-09-06 15:29:17 ---
The edit box starts as a Unicode control then it gets subclassed once as
Unicode and then a second time as ANSI. Thus at last the control is ANSI. The
text is set with SetWindowTextW. It is first converted to ANSI in the second
subclass winproc then back to Unicode with the first. That winproc should be
Unicode but calls the original (i.e. Unicode) winproc with CallWindowProcA. So
far the tests showed that the fact that the window is ANSI and CallWindowProcA
was used should overweight the fact the the winproc is Unicode and the ANSI
winproc should be called. I will have to check why this works under Windows.

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