[Bug 9579] Window doesnt redraw after restoring

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Fri Sep 7 07:34:45 CDT 2007


--- Comment #8 from Roman Vasilyev <darkside83 at yandex.ru>  2007-09-07 07:34:43 ---
> error 8 is BadMatch, and it is being ignored only if request is
> X_SetInputFocus,
> so that can't be related to redrawing problems of any kind.

It happens systematically then i try to restore window after minimizing.
Restoring window makes new portion of this lines in the log.

I added +event,+synchronous in $WINEDEBUG and get new log.

This lines appears before minimizing

trace:x11drv:X11DRV_SetWindowPos win 0x20044 window (32,106)-(132,138) client
(32,106)-(132,138) style 36cf0000
trace:x11drv:X11DRV_SetWindowPos win 0x4003a window (32,106)-(992,106) client
(35,128)-(989,128) style 94ca0000
trace:x11drv:X11DRV_SetWindowPos unmapping zero size or off-screen win 0x4003a

This after restoring

trace:event:process_events ClientMessage for hwnd/window 0x20044/4200006
trace:event:handle_wm_protocols got take focus msg for 0x20044, enabled=1,
visible=0 (style 26cf0000), focus=0x4003a, active=0x4003a, fg=0x4003a,
trace:event:set_focus setting foreground window to 0x4003a
trace:event:set_focus setting focus to 0x4003a (4200001) time=-541778137
trace:x11drv:error_handler got ignored error 8 req 42

I know that Delphi application has main invisible window. I know that my
application was written in Delphi. So, may be wine send messages for another
window? It is invisible an cannot restore. Certainly window cannot take focus
if it is invisible. 

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