[Bug 6058] Counter-Strike 1.6 freezes before loggin onto a server

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--- Comment #5 from Roma <romanr at inbox.ru>  2007-09-08 11:26:07 ---
my CS freezes when displaying Welcome message,
also when download begins and displaying a banner.
possible mshtml issue.
may be bug 6534 related.

All paths related to CS dir (e.g. cstrike\maps -> c:\games\cs\cstrike\maps)

Workaround at present:
rm cstrike/*.html (download.html, motd_temp.html)
chmod a-w cstrike

little explanation:
When CS connects to server it MAY download some resourses (files), during
download it MAY get from server some html and write it to cstrike/download.html
then shows it as banner.
When cs completes loading during game connection it get from server some html
and wtite it to cstrike/motd_temp.html then shows it.

My guesses:
I've tried to iexplore some html by specifying related path - it's not working.
(e.g. wine iexplore some_html.html
or wine iexplore .\some_html.html
or wine iexplore cstrike\motd_temp.html)
I can't find in sources where the path to html doc constructs so I don't know
whether it mshtml or iexplore issue, but may be mshtml. If so, CS may specify
related path to download.html, and all hangs then.

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