[Bug 9612] Silent Hunter III: Crashes on loading a savegame at sea

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Mon Sep 10 14:02:23 CDT 2007


--- Comment #4 from knan-wine at anduin.net  2007-09-10 14:02:23 ---
At commit 2908dab7840d045efb0e959cdc393f3a808fa6d2 (lmuse.h: Add structures
needed by NetUseAdd().), between 0.9.42 and 0.9.43, it definitely works, have
just retested.

At commit 282696b4f62b7d36d243692065f1db0a901ed829 (wined3d: Supply texture
coords even if no texture is bound and pshaders are used.), after 0.9.44, it's

So breakage is somewhere in between. I'll do a regression test.

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