[Bug 9615] RPG Maker: c0000005 exception when clicking menu bar

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--- Comment #8 from Jason Edmeades <us at edmeades.me.uk>  2007-09-11 17:35:51 ---
The trap is caused by 
SendMessageW( mt.hOwnerWnd, WM_ENTERIDLE, MSGF_MENU, win);
in MENU_TrackMenu because wFlags is missing TPM_ENTERIDLEEX win is NULL, and
things go wrong. 

(It will get further if you temporarily change it to:
SendMessageW( mt.hOwnerWnd, WM_ENTERIDLE, MSGF_MENU, (LPARAM)menu->hWnd); /*win

However, then the menus appear but do not disappear. The root cause appears to
be TrackMenuEx not being implemented although I am not 100% convinced.
Certainly the trackmenu* functions do not pass through TPM_ENTERIDLEEX (which
is purely internal) and I am not sure why not or why it only sends the
menu->hWnd if it has been set.

Putting it down for now to see if this triggers any thoughts from anyone else,
otherwise I might have another play later.

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